The Role of Women in Society

Nowadays, the role of women in the society is very important since a lot of women all over the world have proved that they are capable of doing almost anything that men can do. According to experts, throughout the last 100 to 300 years, women from different culture have affected the world in different phenomenon. Women have gained many grounds in the workforce, politics, and their biggest role is within their own households. The role of women today is not just limited to house cleaning and move out cleaning Bend Oregon. In the past, women were not allowed to voice out or suggest their opinions in their workplace, politics, or society as a whole, but now, there are a lot of women in the modern politics running for the presidential position. Nowadays, men and women can both become the breadwinners of the family. Women’s stereotypical role is now slowly dissolving and both men and women as parents are sharing the responsibilities (financially related or not) that come with the family and the household as a whole.

The Role of Women in Society

Ever since, we have witnessed that most women in different countries have somehow been under the control of most men due to varying circumstances. For example, in some Arabic countries, women are under control of the men members of their family such as their husband, father, or brother – this happen because of their Islam religion. Furthermore, this has been practiced in the past due to different cultures, in which women were supposed to do all the household chores, should take care of the children, as well as should be the keeper of the house.

While for the more industrialized countries, women through the years have already improved their role in the society. Since the 20th century, women have already started voting in the government elections, started working in the office, as well as started studying and getting a degree. Since then, women have started gaining more and more importance and began to gain more respect from men and the society as a whole. However, in some countries, there are still other slight differences between men and women. For example, in some companies, men have higher salary than women. But experts believe that it will change soon and equality between men and women in all aspects will be practiced in the near future. Aside from all these, women are now considered great mentors as well. Find out below the reasons why.

Women as Mentors

There are teachers, good friends, sisters and mothers. And then, there are also mentors. Along the bumps and curves in the journey of your life, you have been very fortunate to have mentors to steer you in the right direction of life, to get you back on track as well as to cheer you on until the finish line. Have you ever noticed that most of them are women? Yes, women are great mentors as they are wise, inspirational, and strong.

Women have appeared in our life like a blessing from above – just at the right place and time – with a purpose. You have met them at work, in college, online, in graduate school, in your community as well as within your family. They have also served as powerful and patient role models, life coaches, anchors, motivators and even firm reminders of who you are as a person and what you can become if you just pursue.

Women as Wise Advisers

In the past, a mentor is considered as a trusted and wise teacher, friend or adviser, who is usually an experienced person compared to the mentee in a community or role. Relationship mentoring normally exists in higher education settings and corporate environments, where mentors aid individuals succeed in their careers, build networks, and even enhance their education.

Why Women are the Best Mentors and Advisers

Nowadays, women are busier than ever. Most women today are even working moms – they work long hours and sometimes hold multiple jobs. Other mothers stay at home to take care of their busy and active children while manage their homes and sometimes, they even work from home. Some women are starting or running businesses, creating new possibilities, and pursuing their dreams.

Today, what we need more than even is the presence of a woman. Women touch our lives so deeply. Traditional support systems like extended members of the family are less available to support the other members of the family due to their distant living or busy schedules. So in this modern era where almost everything is difficult to attain, we need our community of women mentors and advisers, to empower and embrace us.


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Top Three Issues That Our Youth Face Today

In this new Millennium society, we have started to experience serious problems with the issues that youths worldwide have to deal with. While some problems have always been there, they are now considered very alarming to the eyes of the public; therefore, experts in the society strive hard to find necessary solutions. Other issues we face today are new trends since our society starts to adapt life’s faster pace. You can find below the top three issues that our youth, regardless of race, culture and nationality, are facing today.

Top Three Issues That Our Youth Face Today

  1. Poverty

For a family of 4, the federal poverty level is about $22, 050. This equates to a total of 21% of all 15 million children that are considered in poverty. When you have a family of four, the minimum salary that you need to have is$45, 000 in order to cover all the basic expenses of your family. This means that about half of our children live in poverty. It also means 50% of those children don’t receive assistance from the government since their parents are earning more than the basic $22, 050 a year. According to recent studies, poverty is the greatest threat to the overall well-being of our children today.

Poverty impedes education and greatly contributes to behavioral and social issues. And guess what? There’s no income to solve these problems. Daddy cannot pay a counselor or Mommy cannot pay a tutor. There’s actually a big opportunity for society to end its materialistic side and because of that, poverty might not become a big problem because most kids will all have exactly the same things – those they need, and not they want. This act would eventually decrease bullying and violence in schools since fewer kids or none at all would be teased.

  1. Constantly Shifting Economy

America used to keep itself on top by making its own products by manufacturing and then selling those products. However, the economy is now shifting to more of an industry for services, than a manufacturing industry. Therefore, in order to keep the prices of the products down and to cut costs, big companies are forced to outsource their manufacturing operations to other countries. It is because other countries can be able to produce products out of much lower manpower costs. Some businesses have even started to outsource jobs for call centers in different countries in order to keep the costs of labor down. It is not only America that is facing lower paying service jobs since the global economy is experiencing it already.

Whatever happens in other countries can drastically affect prices for the stock exchanges of other countries. For example, if something happened to the economy of Iraq or Japan, the stock exchanges for oil and gas, as well as many other products, will drastically go down. How exactly does this affect our youth today? The youth cannot pursue their education without struggling from the pains of having lower income jobs. In addition to that, you are paid very little if you have no experience and there’s a very little change for pay increases. As a matter of fact, the competition to get a job promotion can be very difficult nowadays. In the past, high school seniors could easily graduate and find work at the local factories and can still earn good income. That means they don’t have to go to college in order to survive. But with our youth today, even though they graduate from college and get multiple degrees, they still cannot find a high paying work that can sustain a good lifestyle. That is the reason why more and more people accept multiple jobs no matter how tired they are in order to provide the needs of their family in the most decent way.

  1. Alcohol/Drug Abuse

There was a time in the history of cinema where virtually every actress or actor was portrayed on movies with a cigarette or a bottle of whiskey in hand. Smoking and drinking was cool when it was first implied on screen. Because of that, everyone started doing it, and now including kids. Since the awareness to the smoking dangers has increased, the supposed to be cool images of smoking later disappeared. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about drugs and alcohol. These vices are now staples in the media every day. Simply, using drugs and drinking is shown as being cool. And because of that, poor school attendance and grades, drunk driving, violent and anti-social behavior are common issues to our youth nowadays.

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